Baby hair care

Baby Maintenance: 5 Essential Tips For Baby Hair Care

We do a lot of things to make sure our kids are in the best shape. This includes baby hair care. As parents, our goal is to make sure our adorable little fellas never have a bad hair day, we usually do this by nourishing the hair, making sure the baby is getting the right nutrients, and many more. In reality, there a lot of things that you can do to make your baby’s hair more natural and healthy, but the best ones are:

  1. Buy The Right Shampoo

If your baby has brittle thin hair, the main reason can be a dirty or dry scalp. Each kid is different, that’s why we can’t really advice a specific shampoo, but if your child does have irregularities, you want to tell them to your doctor so they can prescribe the right shampoo. Once you get the right shampoo, make sure you use the shampoo at least 3 times per week.

  1. Oil Massage

Not only for bodies, but oil massages for the scalp are also extremely helpful and it improves the blood circulation to the hair pores. Oil massages also help in getting kids to sleep faster. A good oil massage will help you keep dandruff and dry scalp away from your kids. Make sure you use the best oil for kids, if you want to be natural, you can go with almond, coconut, or olive oil.

  1. Do Not Use Comb On A Regular Basis

Remember, your baby has tiny and fragile hair, so you should only comb your baby’s hair once a day. Regular combing can make the hair become weak or it can be pulled. Also, comb the hair of your child when the hair is still wet or after you apply oil, this makes the combing experience better and much safer.

  1. Use Moisturizer

For the bald babies out there, make sure your mommy uses moisturizers. Using a good moisturizer will help the baby stay away from dandruff, which is usually caused by dry scalp. Also, using a moisturizer will keep the scalp soft and smooth all the time.

  1. Shave The Head To Make It Thick

To make your babies hair thick, you want to shave the head of your kid once they reach a specific age. Usually, parents shave the head of their babies once they turn 1 or 2 years old. Not only making the hair thick, busy parents don’t have to worry about the hair of their kids when they’re in a rush!

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