Baby in 20 Week Pregnancy

Baby in 20 Week Pregnancy | Pregnancy and Baby Care


At this point, your little one is currently working hard on their sucking reflexes. Another fun fact for this week is that your baby is possibly sucking their thumb or thumbs if their hands come close to their face or mouth. This is also the best week to know the gender of your baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Who cares, it is your baby and you need to love it no matter what their gender is!

Also for this week, you will start to feel small punches and kicks of your baby at this point. The reason behind this is that they are starting to move around your belly at this point and they are growing really fast!

Your Baby

You already are growing a good and strong baby in your belly. During 20 weeks of pregnancy, your belly bump will be big. Another good thing about this is that your little one is now weighing around 10 ounces and is starting to become tall. They are around 6.5 inches long at this point.Baby in 20 Week Pregnancy


Because your baby is getting bigger and your belly still has a lot of space, you will surely the movements of your baby. They will twist and turn and surely, you will feel some of them. You could also feel their small and adorable little movements when they touch your belly.

How Many Months Are

20 Weeks Pregnant?

If you are 20 weeks pregnant, you are now 5 months into pregnancy. There are only 4 months left to go for that baby to come out and enter this world of humans! To know more about Pregnancy And Baby Care subscribe to our websites

Pregnancy Symptoms At Week 20

At this point, you will still feel symptoms and most of them are the same as the ones that you felt in the Week 19 of pregnancy.

Here are some of the symptoms that you will feel:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Indigestion
  3. Stomach aches
  4. Constipation
  5. Stomach gas
  6. Occasional headaches
  7. Faintness
  8. Dizziness
  9. Leg cramps
  10. Edema
  11. Increased hunger
  12. Increased sense of smell

Do Not Overstretch

During this week, you do not want to overstretch, but this does not mean that you should stop. You should just do it lightly. Stretching is good, but overstretching means you are increasing your chances of sustaining an injury. If a certain movement hurts, do not force yourself into it and this is not a good time to do splits if you are thinking about them.

When To Call A Doctor?

You want to keep in mind that contractions are common during Baby in 20 Week Pregnancy and are nothing to worry about most of the time. However, the pain is really strong and are irregular, these could be sings of preterm labor. If you have blood coming out of your vagina with those pains, go to the doctor right away or call them and wait for further instructions.

If you have fever, UTI, extreme back pain, vaginal discharge, and severe constipation, you want to call your doctor too.




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