Diaper rash

Baby Diaper Rash Causes And Tips To Treat Them In Your Home

No matter what we do, our little fella finds a way in getting that annoying diaper rash, which can be very painful and annoying for the baby. At some point during the infant days of our baby, they will be getting baby diaper rashes. If you haven’t encountered this, you should be ready.

Causes Of Diaper Rashes?

  1. Leaving wet diaper
  2. Leaving on a dirty diaper
  3. Yeast infection
  4. Bacterial infection from the dirty diaper
  5. Allergic reaction to the dirty diaper
  6. Long exposure to pee in a diaper
  7. The legs of the baby get constantly rubbed against the diaper

Diaper rash is marked by red, tender-looking skin in the diaper, buttocks, thighs, and genital regions of the babies. In worse cases, the skin in the diaper rash can release blood, but that only happens when the rash is not treated.

Remember, when the baby gets rashes, they will cry a lot. Rashes are painful, so the best thing you would want to do is bring them to the doctor. Do not buy medicine directly from the drug store if your kid has allergies from medicines.

When Do Babies Get Diaper Rashes?

  1. When they are around 9 to 12 months old
  2. You do not clean their poopy diapers
  3. You do not clean their wet diapers
  4. The baby sleeps in the wet or poopy diapers
  5. The baby has diarrhea
  6. They start to take solid foods in their diet
  7. The baby is going through medication

Tips For Treating Diaper Rashes In Your Home

Remember, you must wash your hands before cleaning the diaper of the baby. You don’t want to touch your dirty hands on the gentle and sensitive skin of the baby.

  1. Check the diaper of the baby every hour
  2. Change the diaper as soon as the diaper gets wet
  3. Change the diaper as soon as the diaper gets full with poop
  4. Clean the dirty area of the baby with clean water
  5. Be gentle while cleaning the area
  6. Do not use rough tissues when cleaning the baby after diaper changes
  7. Use wet wipes that do not have fragrances or alcohol
  8. Use a soft cloth when cleaning the baby
  9. Do not re-use diapers
  10. Make sure the diaper area of the baby is clean before putting on a new diaper

If your baby already has diaper rashes, you want to:

  1. Clean the area with water only, do not use any cloth or soft tissues
  2. Do not place diapers on the baby


When To Call The Doctor?

  1. If the rash persists for over 2 days, you want to go to the doctor right away.
  2. If your baby gets a fever during the rash period, go to the hospital right away.
  3. If you see yellow fluid coming out from the skin, go to the doctor right away.
  4. If you see pimple-like bumps on the skin, go to the doctor right away.
  5. If you see a swollen red rash, go to the doctor right away.

Doctors are capable of treating worse conditions, such as blood coming out of the rash area or when the rashes get filled with pus.

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