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Baby Boy Names That Start with Letter “B” | English Baby Names

How children should be named is still a questionable and priority to many parents. The scientific basis behind the choices elucidates the very sound influencing human nature.

The wait is finally over!

Below Super Active Kids will be listing down names that start with the letter “B”, for parents, just like you, who aim to create a conducive environment for your child.

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Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter “B”

Barack Babak Baden Badi
Baelfire Baer Bailey Bailor
Bakari Baker Baldwin Balen
Benjamen Benjamin Benji Bennet
Bennett Bennie Benny Bensen
Benson Bentlee Bentley Benton
Benyamin Benzion Beorn Beren
Bronwyn Bronx Bronze Brooklyn
Brooks Brigham Brighton Brion
Briscoe Brishan Briton Balian
Ballard Baltazar Balthazar Balvinder
Bane Banjo Banks Banner
Bannon Baptiste Beau Binx
Bion Bishop Bix Bjorn
Blade Bladen Blaine Blair
Blaise Blake Brad Bruce
Brad Bruce Bruno Bryan
Bryant Bryce Brycen Bryden
Brydon Bryer Braeden Braedon
Braedyn Braelin Braiden Braison
Baraka Baptiste Barack Barbara
Bayne Bayou Baz Bear
Beauden Beauregard Blane Blas
Blayne Blayze Blaze Blitz
Blixa Blu Blue Bo
Boaz Brixton Broc Brock
Broden Broderick Brodie Bryon
Brien Brier Briggs Bram
Bran Branch Branden Brandon
Brandt Balthazar Balvinder Bane
Banjo Banks Banner Bannon
Bayes Baylen Baylor Bence
Benedict Bob Bobby Bode
Bodee Boden Bodhi Bodie
Bojan Bolin Bolt Booker
Boomer Brody Brogan Brogan
Broly Brom Bronc Bronson
Brice Brick Brandyn Brannon
Branson Brant Brantley Braven
Baris Barlow Barnabas Barnaby
Barney Barney Barrett Barrett
Barry Bart Beaux Boone
Bora Boris Boromir Bosco
Boston Boswell Bowen Bowie
Boyd Brace Bracken Bryn
Brenden Brendin Brendon Brennan
Brennen Brennon Brent Bridger
Braxton Braydan Brayden Braydon
Braylen Braylon Bartholomeus Bartek
Bartholomew Bartolomeo Bartosz Bas
Bascom Bash Basil Bastian
Baxter Braden Benito Bradford
Bradley Bradly Bradon Brady
Bradyn Bryson Bubba Buck
Buckley Bud Buddy Buford
Bukhosi Burak Burke Buster
Buzz Byron Bysshe Brayton
Brazen Breccan Breck Brecken
Bren Beck Beckett Beckham
Bee Behrouz Bellamy Belvin
Ben Benaiah Beniah Benicio
Berny Brandon Brayden Braydon
Braylen Braylon Brooke Bruno
Barry Bary Basil Benjamin
Benjy Brentley Brenton Bret
Brett Brevin Brexton Breyer
Brian Britt Britton Brandy
Braxson Brayson Brendan



Do you think we missed out on amazing names than that above listed starting with the letter “B”? Let us know in the comments section below so we can add them straight away!



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