Are you a competent parent?

In a layman language, competent means one who is having the necessary abilities and knowledge to do something effectively and successfully. This means the competent parent is the one who takes cares of his child in a manner which makes his child happy and healthy.
Parenting is the most difficult yet enjoyable job of one’s life, and it’s a job that requires skill, knowledge and expertise that you can learn with time. No parent is born with it. Raising a child is not so easy as it seems to be. Becoming a competent parent is not simple, but requires a lot of care and attention towards the child.

Let us go through the major points parent should keep in mind to become a competent parent:

  • Love and affection: Parents should spend quality time with their children. This is the first and foremost skill a parent should comprise of. Kids observe each and everything happening around them so parents should make the atmosphere healthy so that child catches positive vibes from the surroundings.
  • Managing the stress: Always try to be stress-free, it is not easy to do so but trying it can lead to stress-free environment which as a result will make your child happy and healthy. Never let your child be in stress. Talk to your child frequently.
  • Healthy Relationship: Healthy relationship gives your family a strong bond. Maintaining a healthy relationship within your family will add one more parental skill i.e. relationship skill which is also important in making a parent competent enough.
  • Let them independent: You should treat your child with respect and encourage him or her to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. This will give your kid feeling of independence which as a result will maintain a good parent-child bond.
  • Be a role model: Be the person you want your child to be. Try not to disrespect your child, always show them positive behaviour and attitude. Also, have empathy towards your child’s emotion. Your child will follow you, as we all know that children learn from their parents. So, try to be a good role model.
  • Show that your love is unconditional: As a parent, you’re only responsible for correcting and guiding your kids. But how you express yourself, makes all the difference in how a child receives it. Make sure they know that although you want and expect better next time, your love is there no matter what the situation is.
  • A word from SuperActive Kids: You don’t have to be a perfect parent to have a happy and healthy child. You just have to be good enough. You can make mistakes and don’t hope for perfection from yourself. Nobody is perfect. Just don’t give up on parenting.

Happy Parenting!!

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