Amazing Chest Workout For Women: Must Check

Resistance training is essential for your upper body of fitness so when it comes to chest workout for women people only focus on to back shoulder and arms which is actually good because making your upper body strength as a woman is really very beneficial it provides the core strength and more power to us. But most of the time we forget to work on our Chest. Some of us think it’s not essential or others think that it takes a lot of effort and some of us don’t know the benefit of it.

well, Resistance training gives you the best results as well as you can do this at your home without many equipments and it helps you to get a perfectly toned body.

Chest training is pretty easy while doing at home all you need is just a few types of equipment like Mat, Dumbbells or stability, or medicine ball.

How to start:

The best and easiest way to make your body prepare for a workout is to warm up it is essential and good also because before doing any workout you need to increase your heart rate and blood circulation which will target muscles and activate your muscles.

And we are talking about upper body workout so for this you don’t need to do the whole body cardio running at all if we are doing upper body so try to warm up your upper body by doing the arm swings, arm circles, spinal rotations, and some light cardio like a walk or jogging with normal speed as it will boost your energy and your heart rate as well.

As you only need 8 to 10 minutes to warm up your body and you can start the workout from there.



Chest workout for women.


  1.   dumbbell Curls

It will work on your pectoral muscles as well as it will target your Biceps. you need a pair of the dumbbell or a straight bench.

  •     Take a dumbbell in each hand you can use a bench or you can hold while standing shoulder and feet width apart.
  •     Take a starting position keep your elbow close to your torso and then start pulling the dumbbells.
  •     Then take a breath when you exhale and pause at the top of the curl.
  •     Do 3 sets of 10 reps.


  •     Chest press

The chest press is the basic chest exercise it will work on your shoulder and triceps too all you need a flat bench and a pair of a dumbbell.

  •     Take a position to lie down on a flat bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand you can use the mat also.
  •     The dumbbells should be over your head and extend your arms to 90 degrees.
  •     Place your feet on the floor and start extending dumbbells and come down towards your chest.
  •     Then go with the starting position again
  •     Do 3 sets of 8to 10 reps and then rest a few seconds.


  •     Mountain climbers

Mountain climber is a type of cardio and workout both it helps you to improve your core strength and back apart from your chest all you need is a mat.

  •     Take a plank position and place your palms on the mat keep your hands under your shoulder.
  •     Then Bring your knee towards your chest and drive it back then do with another knee as well
  •     Do at least 20 to 30 seconds and 2 sets.


  •     Cobra Posture

It will activate your chest muscles and provide you the best results.

  •     Take a mat and lie down on your stomach your legs should be extended and feet resting on the floor.
  •     place your hands under your shoulder with the elbow.
  •     Straightening your arm in a comfortable position and start lifting your head and chest off-shoulder remember your neck should be in a neutral position.
  •     Hold the position for about 20-30 seconds.


  •     Push-ups

Push-ups are the best way to provide an extra lift on your chest also it helps you work on your whole body much time it happens that we are unable to do standard pushup so we can go with drop knees in that case.

  •     Take a plank position place your palms on the mat tight your core and keep your head and shoulder and neck in a neutral position.
  •     Slowly bend your elbow and start going lower with the help of your hands lower yourself until your chest about to touch the floor.
  •     Start to extend your arms and return to the start position
  •     Do 3 sets of 10 reps but you increase according to your stamina.

Chest exercise or strength training has a long list of benefits. it works on your arms chest and boosts your core strength too but apart from this, it burns your calories to make your bone stronger.

and for the best result, we must do an upper body workout for a few ties in a week and start your workout with a few sets and reps then you can increase it according to your strength.

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