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A Few Cool Things That Only Super Dads Can Do

There must have been any incident wherein you must have seen a child’s eyes light up seeing his daddy. It’s generally a look made up of love, affection, awe and admiration of his father’s actions in this world. Having said that, being a good father requires immense effort, intentionality, and a lot of love, but when fathers succeed in doing so, their children view them as superheroes. 

super dad

Dads become super dads for the following five things they do:

  1. Doing Actions That Mothers Would Never Contemplate

Dads poke their hands in toilets and eat taco meat and banana leftovers that look gross. They permit their children to go to school or the grocery store in a mismatched outfit or pajamas. In order to make their children giggle or make them feel dizzy, dads will often throw their children absurdly high into the air. And in the end, their children think it makes them even greater. Additionally, they keep flushing strange objects down the toilet despite knowing that dad would retrieve them.

  1. Standing Up For And Defending Their Children

Pre-schoolers frequently remark to one another, “My dad can beat up your dad,” to one another. Little ones are aware that their fathers are their guardians, real-life superheroes prepared to defend them from any potential harm. Teenagers may roll their eyes at their father’s bad jokes, but they still believe that their father can beat up their father and are certain that he will be there for them in an emergency.

  1. Showing Up At All The Crucial Life Moments No Matter What

While I was growing up, my father worked long hours, yet he always found a way to make it to my sporting events and other significant occasions. Sometimes the most significant effects come from the most basic things. Parents may not always be able to attend every game or function, but kids still want to see their dads at the major ones. When it comes down to it, kids know their dad is their biggest supporter, therefore they will eagerly scan the stands for his face.

  1. Putting Forth A Lot Of Effort For Their Family

When children are young, they don’t truly understand how hard their parents work to support them. My children would prefer that my husband give up his work and remain at home with them full-time so they could go to the park and watch wrestling bouts, but one day they’ll realize that he sacrifices time with them for all the small things they take for granted. A good father sets an example of hard work for his children, and they appreciate him for it—or at the very least, they will one day.

  1. Having High Aspirations And Inspiring For Their Children

My father had high aspirations for me, and through his eyes I was able to glimpse my potential. Even when I wasn’t sure that I believed in myself, he pushed, inspired, and believed in me. He drilled it into me to put in a lot of effort and to never let fear of failing stop me from giving it my all, but I always understood that his affection for me was based more on the fact that I was his daughter than on anything else. He became a hero in my eyes because of his unwavering love and support.


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