5 Top Lists Animated YouTube Channel for Kids

At a time when the ongoing pandemic has changed how we spend our time inside, we all know it’s not just adults who shift from going outside to spending more time indoors. The kids do too. These Gen Z-kids prefer staying inside with their smartphone than playing old-school games with friends. It is a bit sad, but it cannot be avoidable.


However, many YouTube channels aren’t suitable for kids as creators can upload almost any content on the platform. It worries parents whenever their kids ask to watch ‘YouTube video’ for fun.


That is the reason why YouTube launched YouTube for Kids in 2015. It is now available in a different app than the original YouTube app. Therefore, parents can install this app and say bye-bye to the worrying content. 


There are a bunch of animated YouTube channels that parents can choose for their dear kids. These channels are not only entertaining but also educating.


5 Top Lists Animated YouTube Channel For Kids

Kids’ Channel is undisputedly a massive ad generator. It has a large number of subscribers and views. This kid channel also has loyal viewers that are the reason for billion views.

#1. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (98.6 M subscribers)

This channel is great for educating as well as entertaining kids with songs. If you are busy with works, you can ask the nanny to play these nursery rhymes for your kids.


Cocomelon is one of the influential kids’ channel. It has more than a whopping 98.6 M subscribers that are only behind PewDiePie as the biggest YouTube channel in the world.


A single upload of Cocomelon’s video, for instance, has already 5.8 M views in just 2-day. What a big number. It has even surpassed a rookie artist song in general.  

#2. Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories (41.1 M subscribers)

If you wonder where the famous Baby Shark song, it is from this channel only. The Baby Shark dance video is truly phenomenal, that is the most-viewed video on YouTube with over 7.2 B views. Not only that, Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories has another version of Baby Shark, which is called Monkey-Banana, uploaded four years prior to the former.


Unlike the previous channel, Pinkfong! has a kids’ stories section that up to 45-minute long. Each story has a subtitle included in the video, so you don’t need to turn on the caption. 


Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories is also available in different languages. Other languages, including Italian, French, Indonesian, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish.

#3. Ryan’s World (27.2 M subscribers)

Kids’ YouTube channels aren’t all about singing and dancing. There are also educational channels that benefit both the kids and parents. One of the examples is Ryan’s World channel.


You will find many things to watch on this channel, from animation for kids, science experiments, educational videos, doodles, game streaming for kids, etc. 


There is even a section for parents that is called Ryan’s Mommy and Daddy Office Fun. This section is specifically designed for parents to give tips when playing with their kids.


Ryan’s World is basically the many things that revolve around Ryan’s life. There is a section where Ryan is just playing with their game or toys.

#4. Nick Jr. (17.5 M subscribers)

When people start leaving the TV, YouTube has become one top choice to get entertainment. There are many videos on YouTube that used to be on TV. For example, the Nickelodeon cartoon stories.


Unlike having the cartoon on TV, kids can just play it on YouTube without waiting for the exact airing time. That is why Nickelodeon is now available on YouTube.


Kids can replay the old Nickelodeon cartoon and watch the new and most popular one: The PAW Patrol. There are also exciting sections for kids, such as trivia guessing games and play costume dress up. Nick Jr. is available in other languages, including Latinoamerica, Espanol, Brasil, Polska, French, and Deutsch.

#5. WB Kids (13.8 M subscribers)

One of the most popular cartoons on TV is from Warner Bros’ production. Gold cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, and Scooby-Doo! can be streamed from the WB Kids channel. 


There is also a new animation in the channel named DC Kids Fandome where it mimicks the DC Superheroes with their animation characters.


Unlike the other channels, WB Kids can be both enjoyed by parents and kids. For parents themselves, they can re-watch these nostalgic cartoons just like when they were young. For kids, they will know there is another fun cartoon they should watch.


Unfortunately, WB Kids isn’t available in other languages, just live previous channels above. However, it should never be a problem. For example, Tom & Jerry’s animation doesn’t talk a lot other than the human character in the cartoon.



YouTube for Kids is one of the best market approaches so far. It solves the problem for parents looking for an entertaining platform for their kids. This application also has the comment section turned off to avoid negative and hate comments.


Among the many animated YouTube channel for kids, the above channels are the top on the list. Not only does it has enormous subscribers and views but it also provides great content for entertaining and educating the kids.


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