Baby Sleep

5 things you can do to make your baby go to sleep

First time parents have a hard time in taking care of their baby properly. They panic when the baby starts crying and they get scared in case their baby does something unusual, such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Not only that, but first-time parents have a hard time in making their kids go to sleep on time during night times. Especially the new-born, I mean, you can’t just tell them to go to their bed and sleep.

To help out first time parents, we are going to list down some tricks to get babies to sleep on time so you can get your rest.

5 things you can do to make your baby go to sleep

  1. Sing a lullaby

One thing that you want to do is sing a lullaby. Make sure the voice that you are using while singing a lullaby is slow and gentle. You want to make the baby calm, not scare them. Try to do this when the lights are off and when the room is a bit cool. This will surely help you get your baby to sleep when you are trying to sleep.

  1. Turn off the lights or dim them

Adults have a hard time sleeping when the lights are on and so does the little one. So if you want your kid to go to sleep, you want to turn the lights off or try to dim them. When it’s dark, the body automatically comes up with a sleeping response. This might not work right away, but if you start to turn off the light at the right time on a daily basis, the baby will start to understand that it’s time to sleep. Along with this and singing lullabies, you will see amazing results.


Baby Sleep

  1. Gentle taps

Another trick to get babies to sleep is to tap them gently. Dim the lights, feed them milk, sing a lullaby, and tap them gently. Once they become really calm, you will see that they will start to close their eyes. The more calm your baby will be, the faster they will get to sleep. Also, if you have an air-conditioner inside you room, make sure the baby is feeling alright. Set the temperature to a certain degree that is bearable.

  1. Don’t allow your baby to take frequent naps during morning time

If you want your baby to sleep during bed time, you want to make sure they are not taking frequent naps throughout the day. Babies who sleep more in the morning are more likely to stay up during bedtime, which can be really hard for you and your partner. Make sure they do not take a nap after 3pm.

  1. Control the temperature

If you want your baby to go to sleep, you want to make sure the room is not too cold and it is not too warm. A comfortable temperature plays a huge role in the entire process of making your newborn go to sleep during night time. Remember, your baby can’t tell you that it’s too cold or if it’s too hot, they will only cry.