5 Signs That Indicate Your Child Is Depressed 

In an era where children are outperforming all previous generations, nobody talks about childhood depression. But, the fact is that it exists. A lot of people confuse depression with sadness due to lack of knowledge. They never consider depression but would always think that their child is just sad.

However, it has become very important to identify when your child needs medical and personal attention. Children who are unhappy or depressed might benefit from therapy. There are also certain things that all the parents can do. Receiving the correct treatment may help a kid feel better and avoid things from growing worse.

This is the reason why we spoke to many experts about the signs of childhood depression, although according to them different children behave differently when they become a victim of depression, they still have some signs in common. 

These are, therefore, discussed down below:

1. Your Child Stays Sad All The Time Or Most Of It

A youngster may appear depressed, lonely, unhappy, or grumpy. It might last several weeks or months. A youngster is more likely to cry. Kids may throw more tantrums than usual.

2. He Doubts & Criticises Himself More Than Usual

Children that are depressed may whine a lot. They may criticize themselves, saying things such, “I can’t do anything well.” “I don’t know anyone.” “I’m not going to be able to accomplish this.” “It’s too difficult for me.”

3. Showcases Utter Laziness

A child’s energy might be depleted by depression. They may put forth less effort at school than they did previously. Even small things might feel like a lot of work. Children may appear fatigued, give up easily, or fail to attempt.

4. Feels unappreciative

Youngsters aren’t having as much fun with their pals or playing as they used to. They might not want to do the things they used to like earlier but not now.

5. Their Diet and sleep patterns change

Even if they receive adequate sleep, children may not sleep well or appear exhausted. Some people may not want to eat. Some people may overeat.

Want to know the best possible solutions that can help put an end to your child’s depression? Stay connected with us.

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