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5 Best YouTube Channels for Baby Care and Development

As a parent, it should be your priority to look into ways that would help your baby become better and more active.

Luckily, you live in 2021.

In the generation that we are living in right now, we prefer to go digital. At our fingertips, we can make a quick search and have answer to our questions at an instant. Not only that, we can get professional help for free thanks to the internet!

To help you more in life and as a parent, Super Active Kids, the best baby care and Development tips provider, will be listing down some of the best YouTube Channels that you can use for baby care and development.

5 Best YouTube Channels For Baby Care And Development

  1. Dave and Ava

YouTube Channel Link:

Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes is an animated series that is developed especially for young children, particularly ones that are around 1 years old and 6 years old. They have one of the best nursery rhymes on YouTube.

They upload around 2 videos on a weekly basis.

Baby Care and Development

  1. Baby Duck

YouTube Channel Link:

Baby Duck shows amazing kid friendly adventures. They upload the best Minecraft videos, which is a game almost every kid loves. They post a lot of videos on a yearly basis and have been doing so since May of 2016.

  1. Crochet For Baby

YouTube Channel Link:

Crochet for Baby shares amazing informational videos about baby blankets and more. They love to crochet baby blankets and share basic along with advance crochet patterns for baby blankets and more.

They post around 3 or 2 videos on a weekly basis.

  1. Little Baby Bum – Music

YouTube Channel Link:

If you want the best nursery rhyme videos for children, you want to go and visit the channel of Little Baby Bum. They have the best nursery rhyme videos along with colourful 3D HD videos. They post videos on a weekly basis, usually on Fridays.



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