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4 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids So They Can Stay Occupied During Lockdown

This coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay inside our houses for most of the times. This is a good and bad thing, why? Well, first you are out of a job and the second thing is that your children are having a hard time in staying inside their house all the time.

We know it is not easy, but you have to go through it.

This is why in this blog Super Active Kids will be listing some activities that you can do with your kids so they can stay busy during lockdown.

4 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids So They Can Stay Occupied During Lockdown

  1. Build A Treehouse

We know you promised your children that they will be getting a treahouse, but because you were so busy, you never had time for it. However, you have time right now and your kids are home too! This is the best time to build a treehouse. Not only that, it will also serve as a good memory that they can bring with them once they become adults. Who knows, they might do the same thing with their kids just to keep or make a new family tradition.

  1. Go Camp In Your Backyard

Another fun activity that you can do with your kids is go camping in your own backyard. This is an easy and fun activity to do. Try to have a bonfire too and make sure you have marshmallows. Make things fun, have story telling sessions, and make sure that your kids are getting to learn new things during each activity that you do.

child activities

  1. Watch Movies

You’re probably doing this right now, but we decided to list it again because it has to. Watch movies that your children have wanted to watch with you. Cartoon movies from Disney or other big named movie makers are a must. If you want to go with classics, do it too and tell them how you used to do it when you were a kid.

  1. Cook With Them

The last one that we recommend to do with you is cooking. Try cooking delicious and easy meals with them. Ask them to help you out too! When cooking, tell them to hand you over some of the ingredients and utensils. Tell them to observe and if you think they are ready, tell them to help you out with the real cooking process!