4 common mistakes first time parents make with their newborn.

4 Common Mistakes First Time Parents Make With Their Newborn

First time parents are anxious about everything that baby does, from crying to pooping, all they can think about is being scared about what if something goes south.

The truth is that even parents that already have experience with babies panic, this means no one is infallible. However, we would like to talk about some mistakes that first time parents make with their newborn.

In this blog, Super Active Kids, the best kids tip provider, will list down 4 of the most common mistakes first time parents make with their babies.

4 Common Mistakes First Time Parents Make With Their Newborn

  1. Panicking Over Everything

One thing that we have noticed is that first time parents panic over almost everything. When it comes to crying, pooping, vomiting, and many more, first time parents just question everything that their baby does. We know you are anxious because of everything that is going on, that’s why you also need to keep in mind that staying anxious all the time will not help you in solving the problems that you will encounter with your kid, staying calm will.

  1. Spit-Up And Vomiting

Spit-up and vomiting are 2 different things, but most of the parents do not understand this. Vomiting is all about frequency, spit-up on the other hand is related to the amount of milk or water you fed the baby. If your baby is vomiting every 30 to 40 minutes without being fed, there is a chance that they have a gastrointestinal virus.

  1. Trusting Unreliable Source

Another mistake that first time parents make is when they trust unreliable sources when it comes to parenting tips or suggestions. You want to keep in mind that you should only accept advices from health officials or someone that has immense experience with how to handle a baby. WebMD.com, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the American Academy of Pediatrics are some of the most reliable sources that you can use from the internet.

  1. Fighting In Front Of The Little One

When there is too much noise around a baby, the chances are high that he/she will start to cry up. Remember, babies can sense if something is tense around them, you can observe this once they get over 3 months old. Try shouting in front of a kid and you will see shock on their face. Try to stay calm with them, it will help you keep them calm too.