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During the 31st week of pregnancy, your baby’s brain connections are developing at a pace that many call very fast. You do not have to worry about this. Another thing that your baby is experiencing right now is drowsiness. Your baby is currently sleeping more because they are now getting developed at a very fast rate. Drinking or eating sugary food will help you wake up your little one.

Baby Sense

During the 31st week pregnant, your baby is now capable of processing information or even picking up signals from all the 5 senses that we humans have. Such an amazing thing to know, right?

How Big Is Your Baby?

Your baby is getting heavier and heavier Day by Day. right now, your baby is now around 16 inches long and they are around 3 pounds. That sounds much but that’s not it. your baby will be around 7 to 8 pounds heavy!

Baby Is Sleeping More

Another thing that you will be noticing is less movements in your belly. This is because your baby is now sleeping more and they are experiencing the REM.

How Many Months Pregnant Is 31 Weeks?

If you are 31 weeks pregnant, you are in the 7th month of your pregnancy. This means that there are only 2 months left until your little one comes and plays with your along with your family in the best possible way!

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

No matter what week you are in, you will be facing symptoms. In this week, here are some of the most common symptoms that you will be experiencing:

  • Breathlessness
  • Frequent urination
  • Leaky breasts
  • Leg cramps
  • Back pain
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Fast heartbeat

Things That Will Go Away After Delivering The Baby

Breathlessness, frequent urination, and leaky breasts will go away once you deliver your little one.

Things To Do This Week

During this week, you want to do a couple of things, and they are:

  • Ready your hospital bag
  • Make sure there is no swelling on your face
  • Try to breathe properly
  • Try to go on walks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Choose comfortable clothes
  • Choose comfortable shoes
  • Stretch

When To Call The Doctor

Pregnancy is very complicated, considering that you are carrying a little one inside you. in order to keep yourself safe and the health of your baby safe, you want to know the complications and risks that are brought by pregnancy.

It is important for you to talk with your doctor about complications and the things that you need to look at during pregnancy.

Here are some of the things you want to look at during pregnancy and call the doctor if you are experiencing them:

  1. Pelvis pain
  2. Extreme stomach pain
  3. Stomach cramps
  4. Face swelling
  5. Tightness in the chest
  6. Vaginal discharge
  7. Blood coming out of your vagina

Please remember, if something is bothering you, you want to talk about it with your doctor. Avoid reading too much on the internet because you might trigger anxiety attacks or might read wrong information.

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