3 Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your Underage Children Use TikTok

The world is obsessed with TikTok right now and almost every other person that you know has the application installed on their smartphones or other smart devices. However, there have been many speculations on the internet and all over the world about privacy issues that are being brought by this Chinese application.

Recently, India, the largest democratic country in the world, banned TikTok and 59 other Chinese applications in wake of data protection calls.

Not only India, but recently Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, announced that he will be looking into options that will allow the country of America to ban the Chinese application, where kids and young adults are mostly targeted.

With all the heat about this topic, Super Active Kids will list down some reasons why you should not allow your underage children use TikTok.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Allow Your Kids To Use TikTok

  1. No Child Safety

TikTok says they are committed to keep children that use their application stay safe and have zero tolerance for behavior that could lead to child abuse or sexual exploitation. However, this is not true and there is less known data that back this claim. Instead, TikTok is a place where children and teens get creepy messages from men that are way older than them. TikTok allows users that are young as 13 to join their platform and perform dances that are viral on the internet.

Cute little girl using and touching a mobile smartphone watching video and playing games.
  1. Data Privacy

TikTok was fined recently in the USA for collecting personal information from kids that are under the age of 13. Please do note that children that are under 13 are not allowed to post videos on the platform, however, they are allowed to make them and store them in a personal storage. However, this was not effective. In October 2019, the US government launched an investigation about how the data gathered on TikTokers of all ages is being used. Experts also believe that the data TikTok gathers is used to spy on countries such as the USA.

  1. Dangerous And Stupid Challenges

The worst thing about TikTok is that it has challenges that are dumb and dangerous. Some of the challenges that we are talking about include the pee in your pants challenge and other disgusting challenges such as licking ice creams and placing them back in the refrigerators of supermarkets or local markets. There are more challenges that are viral on TikTok.