27 weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Development Week by Week


At this point, your baby can hear you. However, you want to keep in mind that they are not on the same level as ours due to the fact that their ears are still covered in vernix caseosa. This fancy term means that a waxy protective coating is still present there.

Also at this point, you will feel something that you have never felt before, and they could possibly be hiccups. This is because of the fact that their lungs are developing.

You will also feel more movements at this point, this is because your little one is developing its muscles. They will be rolling, kicking, and punching inside your belly.

How Big Is Your Baby?

At this point, your baby is pretty big. On average size, your baby is now measuring about 14.5 inches big. That is over 1 foot long.

How Heavy Is Your Baby?

At week 27, your baby is around 2 pounds heavy. This is double what your baby was weighing around 4 weeks ago.

How Many Months Are 27 Weeks?

If you are 27 weeks pregnant, this means that you are in the 6th month of your pregnancy and you only have 3 months left until that baby comes into this world and play with you all the time!

Symptoms At 27th Week

Like we usually say, you will feel symptoms all the time. So as a parent, you want to know them in order to avoid anxiety and constant fear.

Here are some of the most common Symptoms and Development Week by Week:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Tiredness
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Backaches
  5. Heartburn
  6. Swelling in ankles
  7. Swelling of the fingers
  8. Swelling of the face
  9. Insomnia
  10. Hemorrhoids

Things You Want To Do This Week

There are things that you want to do in order to keep yourself healthy. At week 27 of pregnancy, here are some things that you want to do:

  1. Eat healthy foods
  2. Avoid drinking
  3. Do not do drugs
  4. Sleep at least 7 to 9 hours per day
  5. Walk on a daily basis
  6. Exercise
  7. Stretch
  8. Use relaxation methods
  9. Breathe properly
  10. Stop Googling everything

When To Call The Doctor

Anything can happen any time, so as an adult, you want to know everything about it. At 27 weeks pregnant, you want to call your doctor or seek emergency help if you encounter the following symptoms:

  1. Extreme swelling
  2. Extreme swelling in the ankles, in the face, and in fingers
  3. Vaginal bleeding
  4. Sudden change in vaginal discharge
  5. Severe pain in the abdomen or pelvis
  6. Severe cramping in the abdomen or pelvis
  7. Having a hard time breathing
  8. Decreased fetal movement
  9. Fever for over 2 days
  10. UTI that is not going away

Note: These are just some of the things that you want to look after. Please do note, you want to talk about complications with your doctor ahead.

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