Week 25

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At this time, you want to avoid playing loud music because your little one is now capable of doing reflexes. Your little one is also capable of having hiccups at this point. Not only that, the fat of your baby is now coming.  Your baby is still lean at this point, but they are putting on pounds and are losing that wrinkly appearance that they have. Some babies have hair at this point, and if your does, their texture could be seen at this later stage.

How Many Months Are 25 Weeks Pregnant?

If you are 25 weeks pregnant, this means that you are in the 6th month of your pregnancy. This also means that there are only 3 months left until that little one arrives on this planet.

25 Weeks of Pregnancy Symptoms

No matter what week you are in, there will be symptoms. These are some symptoms that you might be experiencing this week:

  1. Darkened nipples
  2. Stretch marks
  3. Skin pigmentation
  4. Body aches
  5. Body pains
  6. Swollen ankles
  7. Larger breasts
  8. Back pain
  9. Heartburn
  10. Sleeping problems
  11. Dizziness

Also, when you are pregnant, the hormones that are present in your body relax the valve that is in your stomach, this means that it does not close properly and it results in heartburn.

To avoid indigestion and heartburn, you want to avoid spicy and oily foods that you love to eat when you’re alone.

Week 25

Yoga Classes

One thing that you want to do at this point, Baby And Pregnancy, enroll yourself in some yoga classes. Going through some yoga classes means that you will be mentally and physically prepared for childbirth. Certain relaxation and breathing methods that are taught can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Prenatal massage therapy, yoga, and some other basic work out techniques are capable of improving back and leg pain that women have during the late months of pregnancy.

When To Call The Doctor?

Pregnancy could be complicated, so the best thing you can do is get treatment if you think something is wrong.

You want to call your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms that are listed below:

  1. Severe abdominal cramping
  2. Abdominal pain that is unusual
  3. Pelvic pain
  4. Severe pelvic pain
  5. Difficulty breathing
  6. Shortness of breath
  7. Signs of premature labor
  8. Pain in your abdomen and back
  9. Tightening in sensation in your abdomen
  10. Vaginal bleeding
  11. Burning while urinating
  12. Blood in urine
  13. Fluid leaking
  14. Pressure in your pelvis
  15. Pressure in your vagina

Please do note, these are just common symptoms that you want to know at 25 Weeks In Pregnancy. Each pregnancy case is different, so you won’t talk with your doctor ahead and ask them about what you should know about unfortunate incidents.



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